Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama wins, country heaves collective sigh of relief.

The outcome was expected, but I didn't want to get my hopes up until the moment we knew for certain. Congratulations to America, lets move this thing forward now.

Also, I have to mention that after watching John McCain's concession speech my respect for the man has been resurrected. He seemed to return back to the McCain of 2000 and 2004 who actually stood apart from his party affiliation and spoke with integrity. I'm sure many of his flipped positions in this election were due to a need to please the Republican base, despite McCain's history of moderation. It is a shame he had to run the way he did, but I suppose politics will be politics.

I nearly convinced myself today that maybe McCain was running a subpar election on purpose; in some kind of underhanded way to backstab the Republican party. Like he was a secret Obama supporter, and really wanted him to win, but had to make sure it wasn't too obvious. Sounds like a good movie idea...

A few of us got together tonight to watch the results, either to celebrate or commiserate the results depending on the outcome. Like many others, I'm sure, we decided to make a drinking game of all the coverage. The rules went like this.

  1. Every time the electoral college map was shown, take a drink.
  2. Every time an American flag was shown, take a drink.
  3. Every time someone in a suit made a prediction or analysis, take a drink.
  4. Take a drink to celebrate whenever a state was called for Obama.
  5. Take a drink to wash away the pain every time a state was called for McCain.
  6. Whenever blah blah blah, take a drink
  7. Blah blah drink blah blah blah blah.

I think we all won this game.

Now for two months of everyone insisting this will be the most important election of all time and the insurmountable wall of obstacles Obama will face upon inauguration. Oh well, a step forward is a step forward. The news channels need something to talk about I guess.

Yes we can? I think we just did. Go us.


Scott Nichols said...

you don't sound very drunk, you lost the game my friend.

i have to type in poophail to post this.

g said...

wait scott.. "poohail".. I am so confused... haha.

I think Obama should just abdicate right now and give the presidency to Joe Biden. You know, he will go down as the first black president and history, and he won't have to deal with any of the insane problems we have. So nobody will say that he sucked.

I mean really, after an awesome campaign like that, would really try to top it by actually being an awesome president? Sounds risky to me. Better to take your accolades and congratulations and go home. Heck, give it to John Kerry, whoever will take it. Sounds like a nasty job. :)