Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day 46 pt II: Pacifica

While on my way up highway 1, I passed through a small town by the name of Pacifica, just north of the famous Half Moon Bay. In Pacifica, there resides the most interesting of Taco Bells I have had the fortune to encounter. It is constructed on the edge of the beach in a style that is reminiscent of 70's beach culture, with a "walk thru" window in the back on the beach itself. It is quite the site to behold. Astute followers of my previous roadtrips will recognize the structure as one I previously visited on my 2003 journey from Santa Cruz to Oregon with Graham and Moose.

Obviously Graham had to fly out to meet me here, but the cost was well worth the repeated experience.


g said...

it was worth every penny... that is finest taco bell in existence.

its almost like eating at wendys. ahahaha.

actually wendys sucks too. all fast food sucks.

i miss laughing planet so much.

g said...

oh, and don't you dare finish your road trip... you've still got western canada! mexico! europe!

just keep working on the side... sell you car and take the train... just don't stop the blog, don't stop the adventure!

matt said...

Its True! if you stop the blog I'll have nothing to read at lunch.

colin douglas said...

No worries, I think I've decided to keep it going when I get back. Portland has plenty of adventures